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Tara Wolf

Sagittarius Zodiac (Silver)

Sagittarius Zodiac (Silver)

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Create your style with this sterling silver sagittarius zodiac bracelet available in two colour options.

Sagittarians possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic signs of all. They crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. Freedom is so important to Sagittarians.

Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring and make it their own. They believe that anything is possible. They are adventurers at heart, who love to take risks and to discover and explore new things. They are independent souls, free-spirited and often very restless.

Sagittarians have a great sense of humour, not only do they like to laugh, but they love to make others laugh as well, they are the highlight of a party.

Sagittarians make excellent friends because of their encouraging, positive nature and their kind heart that will do anything to make sure the friend is happy. A Sagittarian never hides anything, they are very likeable people, with a tendency to always run late, miss a date or forget the present. With a Sagittarian in your life, the sun will shine a lot brighter.

This Sagittarius Zodiac bracelet is a .925 sterling silver.

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